Stone Island Directory

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Stone Island is a very special private community which we are able to enjoy, for the most part, in peace and safety.   On rare occasions there is an incident of theft or vandalism where it becomes necessary for us to view hundreds of vehicle movements to find the offending outsider who does not belong here.  Boat ramp security has not been a big problem but some outsiders occasionally slip in to use our private facilities. In response to these issues, we have developed a small, oval shaped, bumper sticker bearing the Stone Island logo.  WE would appreciate it if you would obtain one for each vehicle you operate and affix it to the left side of your rear bumper.  This will identify you as an island resident and confirm your right to use our facilities.  At some point in the future it may become necessary to have an unauthorized vehicle towed from the boat ramp; the absence of a Stone Island sticker will help us identify the offending trespasser.  We will have a supply of stickers at Monday’s HOA meeting or you can obtain them from Bill or Doris Nanstiel at 407 687 3791.  Please do not give them to off island people. Thanks, Bill Nanstiel, President,  SIHOA


By-Laws, Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions and ARB Rules are posted on the website under the Minutes link.



Bud Cabell once took a picture of the sunset over Lake Monroe from his home along Sunset Road on Stone Island. Everybody who saw the photo said that it couldn't be true, it had to be a paint-by-number or airbrushed or something. But those us who have walked at sunset under the Spanish moss hanging from the old live oak trees know that it is true....."